Mulberry Joyce

  • Mulberry Joyce

The Mulberry Joyce is a 4.9Kw Multi-Fuel Stove that is available in either a Matt Black or Enamel finish. This Multi-Fuel Stove features a large arched glass door with a non-conducting handle which together with the clean glass air wash system allows for an excellent view of your stove’s burn. The Mulberry Joyce is further equipped with a Cast Iron Multi-Fuel Riddling Grate which enables the stove to be used as both a coal or wood burning stove and precise Thermostatic Controls allow you to regulate the burn process . Mulberry Joyce allows for either a top or rear flue outlet and comes complete with a 5 Year Warranty for complete peace of mind. This Stove is safe for overnight burns allowing for quick starts on cold mornings and is the perfect size for the family room.

• Enamel or Matt Black
• Non Boiler Version 23,000 Btu (6.8 Kw)
• Boiler version provides hot water and 1/2 radiators
• Clear glass with window airwash
• Highly controllable and efficient
• Height: 605 mm | Width: 450 mm | Depth: 355 mm
• CE Approved EN 13240